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The micro market setup is an A to Z process; First database coordination with your kiosk provider, then store setup and layout, next presentations to comments, and after that so much more... We then come on site to coach your team personally throughout the whole setup. We will even be there to help at the grand opening!  See below for some of the amazing projects with our clients!



Business Coaching.  That is what TRANSLUCENT does for our clients!  When customers hire us to coach or mentor for any given task, we accelerate that process. No matter which task they are trying to accomplish, we will be there along the way with our coaching. We have experienced many company scenarios before, so we are able to provide solutions, coaching and assistance with strong hands-on support. We help eliminate the guesswork. This provides a great value and immediate ROI.



Professionalism in delivering our services is always our very first priority.  With over 60 years in the business we offer both experience and know-how to see YOUR projects through to success. In any business, what really matters is not what you do but how you do it.  For us it’s about the what, the how, AND the why you do it.  All these come in to play when we consider our customers and their needs.  Simply put, we get the job done the way you want it done, period!