Patty Closser’s Bio - Head Coach

           Patty began her career at a young age in the foodservice business at an ice cream stand, biking 8 miles every day from the family farm(uphill both ways). She comes from a family of 16 and learned from an early age that organization and service are one in the same.  Patty’s entire career she has been on the cutting edge of team development.  In 2017 Patty and Steve created Translucent, where it’s all about serving clients and their goals. 

Patty leads the Translucent team and drives home the company motto, “clearly working for you” and believes that our clients successes are our successes.  Patty is a master at fostering growth within a team and individuals. Leverages team capabilities to spark innovation and overall success in delivery methods and client services. Approaches management with a coaching leadership style.  Patty believes that, “when a client doesn’t need us any longer that’s a great thing, we have done our job and they are on their way to more successful business!”


Steve Closser’s Bio – Chief Integrator

           Steve has been in foodservice industry his entire 30-year career.  Beginning as a dishwasher progressing through the ranks to eventually being a Founding Partner in Elite Cuisine.  In 2017 selling his interest to his business partner Steve and Patty decided to begin another business, Translucent. 

Throughout his career he has always focused on 2 things; Service and Commitment.  Steve views it as an honor to serve and thrives on helping operators being successful by helping them use technology, hard work and a clear business path to achieve their goals.  Steve & Patty have been married for 31 years and have 4 amazing children whom have all gone onto achieve great things in their lives.  One kid is an entrepreneur, another a CPA & CFO, an IT professional and finally a police officer.  Steve often says; “my life is a vacation and the sun is always out, Amen”.  




Kansas City, MO

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